How rude of me..’s been a fair amount of time since this blog was started, and I am yet to make another post. Although let’s face it, I’m sure I’m not the ONLY one out there who has had a flash of blogging genius, only to be hit by the real world, and find they do not actually have time to write about useless yet very entertaining life events. I should start by introducing myself. I am a young married mother of two..ahem..adorable children. Both boys, both VERY close in age, and both voted most likely in our family to be strung by their pants on my clothesline and spun around..and around..and around. Although my kids probably LOVE that, and it would turn into yet another exhausting game mama does a thousand times a day. My husband is a Private in the Australian Army,and I am super proud of him (for the record, in any of my posts if you see me write about Private, its my husband and not my um..well..privates lol )We are recently married but have spent more  than half our lives together and I love him incredibly (anyone gagging yet?) I myself study psychology at present and find it challenging at times, especially with the Ferals and Private being demanding divas most of the time 🙂 So why write a blog you say? Well, it’s simple..firstly I love to write..secondly I like to share what I know, and also happen to think I’m pretty damn hilarious, but ask the fellas in my family and you will be met simply with a grunt (ugh!!!) Or a much nicer ‘Noooo Mama you are not berry funny’ … hmph!!! How very dare them.
In my next few posts I plan on beginning at the beginning, or is it more the middle? Anyway..I will start to write a little about the journey we took to get to the heading Mamas, Munchkins, Military, and my Madness. The latter being the most prevalent :/  I will also start to add some recipes and fill in more of this blog.


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