Munchkins, Mischief and My Madness

Cheers to me for starting my own blog! Another mummy blog you say? Yes, well, truthfully, this is another mummy blog. And why not, I ask? There are none cooler people than said Mama’s ( ask my 3 yr old, “Mama you totally rock” were his first words to me this morning) ‘Yeah’ I thought, to my bleary eyed, desperately in need of coffee, self ,  ‘I do totally rock!’  In fact, my disarmingly gorgeous yet, possibly devil incarnated, son’s words have inspired me to share my thought with the blogging world. My darling husband and children quite often make it known I talk nothing but s**t, so now I’m sending my  stream of s**t to the online world, with the small hope that the endless run of hilarious, yet downright embarrassing crap that goes on in my day-to-day, will be of some small humour to someone.


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